Tanya Hanson-Rocca (October 2022)

Hello Chamber Members

As the voice of business in the Oromocto area, we are here to serve your business needs and to help you prosper. The OACC is built on a culture that our members are our customers, and everything we do is focused on delivering value for our membership.

Our Mission is based on three pillars:

ADVOCATE - We are actively advocating on behalf of business by listening to their concerns and challenges and working with all levels of government to ensure they are aware and responding to obstacles they are facing.

BENEFITS - We have a variety of benefits for our members such as group insurance, opportunities to promote your business, and education on a range of business and leadership topics.

CONNECT - We host stimulating events with expert speakers and community leaders, Business After Hours, Breakfast events, and socials. Our goal is to create a fun and engaging experience where you can interact with other businesses and learn from each other, while developing new relationships to expand your network.

We would be honoured to connect with you to better understand your unique business needs and introduce you into our thriving business network.

Thank you very much,

Tanya Hanson Rocca

Roblynn Home Hardware
257 Restigouche Road
Oromocto, N.B.
E2V 2H1
Store 3199-6
Phone 506-446-6824 ext 6,2
Cell 506-461-7787


  • Member To Member Discount Program
  • Facebook page and website where you can post events or other issues relevant to the membership
  • Chamber Group Dental / Medical Insurance Plan
  • Discounted Visa / MasterCard Merchant Rate
  • Lunch & Learn Networking Events
  • Annual Awards Dinner
  • Gasoline Discount Program
  • Website Listing
  • Tax Deduction
  • Membership with the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce
  • Membership with the New Brunswick Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 Year Complimentary Subscription to Progress Magazine
  • UPS Members Benefit Program – 1-800-MEMBERS (636-2377)

To become a member of the Chamber please complete the Membership Application Form

and email to oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com

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Information to Businesses


What Are O’Dollars?

O’Dollars are universal “gift certificates” that can be used just like cash at participating OACC member businesses.  O’Dollars are a way in which communities can support local businesses and the Oromocto community.  ODOLLARS DO NOT EXPIRE!

What do O’Dollars look like?

O’Dollars look like actual dollars and will have an OACC Seal affixed to each dollar.  O’Dollars come in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50.   (See image above.)
It is important that all staff who handle purchases be aware of your individual process for accepting O’Dollars to avoid confusion when customers present O’Dollars as cash for their purchases.

How and when will my business be reimbursed for O’Dollars that have been used at my establishment?
Participating merchants will be reimbursed at face value for the O’Dollars they have on hand.  At the end of every month, businesses will complete the O’Dollars Reimbursement Form.  The form is to be emailed to the attention of Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.  The OACC will then arrange for a Chamber representative to collect the O’Dollars on hand and provide reimbursement via e-transfer or cheque.

What if my small business needs to be reimbursed prior to the end of the month?
If your business needs to be reimbursed prior to month end, please email Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.

Who can participate in this program?
Businesses that elect to participate in the O’Dollars program must be members of the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce.

How will customers know that my business accepts O’Dollars?
Each participating business will be provided with door decals and information cards that they can place at or near the cash.  Participating businesses will be listed on the OACC website, Facebook page, and newsletter.  Businesses will also be highlighted during the O’Dollars launch.  Participating businesses are asked to pick up their information cards and door decals at The Oromocto Galleria at 291 Restigouche Road, Oromocto.

Information to Customers


What Are O'Dollars?

O’Dollars are universal “gift certificates” that can be used just like cash at participating Oromocto businesses.  O’Dollars are a way in which communities can support local businesses and the Oromocto community.  For individuals or businesses looking for the perfect gift for that birthday, wedding, housewarming, graduation, thank you, or staff appreciation, O’Dollars are perfect.

Where Can I Buy O'Dollars?

O’Dollars can be purchased year-round at the Oromocto Galleria.

What do O’Dollars look like?

O’Dollars look like actual dollars and will have an OACC Seal affixed to each dollar.  O’Dollars come in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50.

How will I know which business accepts O’Dollars?

Each participating business will be provided with a decal for their door and an information card that they will place at or near the cash.  Participating businesses will be listed on the OACC website and OACC Facebook page.

How often will there be an O’Dollars “sale”?

The OACC hopes to offer an O’Dollars sale at different times during the year.

Participating Businesses


The OACC has made every attempt to include all participating OACC member businesses in the O'Dollar campaign.  If your business is not listed below and you would like to be added as a business that accepts O'Dollars, please forward an email to the attention of Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.

O'Dollars can be reimbursed at the following Oromocto businesses:

Canadian Tire Oromocto

Carl G Wargaming Inc.

CB Warren's Auto Care

Cheese Curds/Habaneros Oromocto

Days Inn Oromocto

Decal Dude & Sons

Jungle Jim’s

Liberty Tax Oromocto

McDonald's Oromocto

Mingler's Restaurant & Pub

Model Town Auto Service Inc.

Oromocto & Area SPCA

Oromocto Food & Clothing Bank

Oromocto Galleria

Phil’s Auto & Recreation

Pizza Delight Oromocto

Pizza Twice Oromocto

Roblynn Home Hardware

Scholtens Oromocto Ltd.

Shopper’s Drug Mart

Sobeys Oromocto

Tim Horton's Gateway

Vogue Optical Oromocto


The OACC 2022 $1000.00 Scholarship has been awarded to Riley Gaudet, Oromocto High School.  Riley will be receiving his award at the 2023 Business Awards Dinner being held on April 20, 2023 at the Hazen Park Centre.

The OACC Scholarship is designed to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in students at Oromocto High School (OHS) and recognize deserving individuals.  The Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) awards an annual scholarship in the amount of $1000 to one outstanding graduating OHS student.  Students must currently be in their grade 12 year and planning to graduate.  Judging is based on a combination of factors, including financial need, student leadership, community involvement and academic ability.  In addition, the winning student will receive official recognition at the OACC’s Business Awards Dinner which is held each year.

Scholarship Application

The deadline for applications is May 31 of each year.


Each year, the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) is pleased to offer two awards which recognize significant contributions to the Oromocto area.  The 2023 award winners will be recognized at the annual Business Awards Dinner taking place on April 20, 2023.   The two awards are:

  • Business Excellence (Company or Person) – The business must have been active for two years minimum.
  • Community Leadership (Company or Person) – Nominees are required to have lived in or contributed to the Town of Oromocto for a minimum period of two years.

The OACC will judge the nominees on the criteria listed below; however, welcomes other identified attributes which you believe make the business or community member stand out above others.  All nominations will be considered.

Criteria for Award Nominees to include:

  • 1 Significant business accomplishments
  • 2 Involvement in the local community and/or local charities
  • 3 Contribution and support to local business(es)
  • 4 Environmentally conscious

If you know a deserving business or community member for our 2023 Award, please complete the Business and Community Member Nomination Form and email to oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com


Canadian Small Business Podcast

SME Podcast

In our podcasts, we interview Canadian experts and entrepreneurs to give small business owners access to expert knowledge that helps them grow their enterprises. Our mission is to empower Canadian small and medium enterprises and help them reach a bigger audience through our platform. Calling upon some of the most successful subject matter experts in the industry, the small business podcasts aim at identifying issues and finding solutions, all this while helping the business owners.  Listen to our podcasts HERE.



tanyahansonrocca (002)

Tanya Hanson Rocca


Roblynn Home Hardware
Phone: (506) 446-6824
Website: Roblynn Home Hardware

Chelsea Dale

Chelsea Dale


eXp Realty
Phone:  (506) 262-4357
Website: Chelsea Dale Realty

Kim Munn-Smith

Kim Smith


Oromocto Galleria
Phone:  506-461-8352
Website: Oromocto Galleria

Beauchamp Photo

Megan Beauchamp


Military Family Resource Centre
Phone: (506) 422-7675

Tanya Quesnelle

Tanya Quesnelle

Vice President

Stingray Radio
Email: tquesnelle@stingray.com



Debra George


Scholten's Oromocto
Email:  Info Coming
Website:  Info Coming


Betty Yorke


Tim Horton’s Gateway
Phone:  506-357-7603
Website: Tim Hortons Gateway

Lorraine Dawe

Lorraine Dawe

Town Liaison

Deputy Mayor/Ward 1 Councillor
Email:  dawe@oromocto.ca

Rodd Pic

Rodd Abdallah


Phone:  (506) 446.4230 ext. 4300
Website: Scotiabank


Bill Hickey


Pizza Twice
Phone:  (506) 446-9111
Website: Pizza Twice


Gary Wager


McDonalds (McDonald Ave)
Phone:  Info Coming
Website: Info Coming

Marty Forsythe

Marty Forsythe

Past President

Sun Life
Phone: (506) 476-3654
Website: Sun Life

Kelly M

Kelly Murdock


Royal Lepage Atlantic
Phone: (506) 461-7800
Website:  www.kellymurdock.ca

Cathy White

Cathy White


Business: Carl G Wargaming


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