Marty Forsythe - October 2020

Hello Chamber Members

As the incoming President I have a couple of goals in mind for the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC).

The first is to grow the Chamber and make it proactive in helping the local area and businesses. I want to establish a working partnership with the Town of Oromocto officials to reach our combined goals which will also include the establishment of regular meetings with the Town of Oromocto Chief Administration Officer.

Once we get through some of the COVID-19 issues, I plan on re-establishing our monthly Business After Hours / Lunch & Learn sessions in order to share information and resources with area businesses.

I hope to be very proactive with our Board and will work on initiatives geared to helping each other promote our businesses and the Town of Oromocto.

Marty Forsythe (Sunlife), President, OACC


The Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) is an organization of local businesses managed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors who represent the local business community. The Chamber Board meets monthly to discuss ways in which to meet and improve the needs of the membership. Each year we strive to offer benefits designed to assist you in your business, and to save you both time and money. As the membership continues to grow, we continually look for new and innovative ways in which to be of value to members.

For your general information, the Board of Directors meets every second Wednesday of the month. Any member may contact us to have an item placed on the agenda. All issues are important if they affect our business community. We will be proactive as we continue to go into the future.

Several times during the year, the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Lunch & Learn – a networking event that is geared towards helping the small business owner. Experts from different industries deliver a short presentation over the lunch hour. These interesting and educational working lunches are a great way to network and learn at the same time. The Lunch & Learns take place the third Wednesday of the month and the cost and speaker will be listed on our facebook page. You will also receive an invite through email. Come and learn something new and meet and network with other Chamber members. The Lunch & Learns are open to the public so if you want to bring a friend, feel free. If you would like to make a presentation at one of our monthly Lunch & Learn sessions or if you have any suggestions for topics or questions regarding the event, please email the Chamber at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.

The Chamber also holds an annual Business Awards Dinner where we honor a local business and a member of our community for their valuable contributions. These dinners are a highlight of the year and a wonderful chance to get out and enjoy a first class dinner, network with your peers, find out what the Chamber has been up to the past year, and help honour our local heroes.

We also like to support our students as much as possible. We award a $1000 scholarship to one Oromocto High School student and also hold an annual Student Pitch Contest where entrepreneurial students can win prizes and receive mentoring from local experienced judges. This has proven to be a wonderful experience and a lot of fun to watch.


  • Member To Member Discount Program
  • Facebook page and website where you can post events or other issues relevant to the membership
  • Chamber Group Dental / Medical Insurance Plan
  • Discounted Visa / MasterCard Merchant Rate
  • Lunch & Learn Networking Events
  • Annual Awards Dinner
  • Gasoline Discount Program
  • Website Listing
  • Tax Deduction
  • Membership with the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce
  • Membership with the New Brunswick Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 Year Complimentary Subscription to Progress Magazine
  • UPS Members Benefit Program – 1-800-MEMBERS (636-2377)

To become a member of the Chamber please complete the Membership Application Form and email to oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com


Information to Businesses


What Are O’Dollars?

O’Dollars are universal “gift certificates” that can be used just like cash at participating OACC member businesses.  O’Dollars are a way in which communities can support local businesses and the Oromocto community.

What do O’Dollars look like?

O’Dollars look like actual dollars and will have an OACC Seal affixed to each dollar.  O’Dollars come in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50.   (See image above.)
It is important that all staff who handle purchases be aware of your individual process for accepting O’Dollars to avoid confusion when customers present O’Dollars as cash for their purchases.

How and when will my business be reimbursed for O’Dollars that have been used at my establishment?
Participating merchants will be reimbursed at face value for the O’Dollars they have on hand.  At the end of every month, businesses will complete the O’Dollars Reimbursement Form.  The form is to be emailed to the attention of Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.  The OACC will then arrange for a Chamber representative to collect the O’Dollars on hand and provide reimbursement via e-transfer or cheque.

What if my small business needs to be reimbursed prior to the end of the month?
If your business needs to be reimbursed prior to month end, please email Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.

Who can participate in this program?
Businesses that elect to participate in the O’Dollars program must be members of the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce.

How will customers know that my business accepts O’Dollars?
Each participating business will be provided with door decals and information cards that they can place at or near the cash.  Participating businesses will be listed on the OACC website, Facebook page, and newsletter.  Businesses will also be highlighted during the O’Dollars launch.  Participating businesses are asked to pick up their information cards and door decals at The Oromocto Galleria at 291 Restigouche Road, Oromocto.  Galleria hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The OACC has made every attempt to include all participating OACC member businesses in the O'Dollar campaign.  If your business is not listed below and you would like to be added as a business that accepts O'Dollars, please forward an email to the attention of Debbie Percival at oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com.

O'Dollar Participating Businesses
Admiral Glass Ltd.
Brunswick News
Canadian Tire Oromocto
Carl G Wargaming Inc.
CB Warren’s Auto Care
Cheese Curds/Habaneros Oromocto
Days Inn Oromocto
John Stella Flooring Inc.
Jungle Jim’s
Liberty Tax
McDonald’s Oromocto
Mingler's Restaurant & Pub
Napa Oromocto/TCW Auto & Industrial Supply Ltd.
Oromocto & Area SPCA
Oromocto Food & Clothing Bank
Oromocto Galleria
Phil’s Auto & Recreation
Pizza Delight Oromocto
Pizza Twice Oromocto
Riverside Pharmacy Ltd.
Roblynn Home Hardware
Scholten's Oromocto Ltd.
Shopper’s Drug Mart
Sobeys Oromocto
Sunbury Towing Ltd.
Tim Horton’s Gateway
Vogue Optical Oromocto
Wilson’s Fuel-Gateway Esso
Wonder Auto Center Oromocto

Information to Customers


What are O’Dollars?

O’Dollars are universal “gift certificates” that can be used just like cash at participating Oromocto businesses.  O’Dollars are a way in which communities can support local businesses and the Oromocto community.  For individuals or businesses looking for the perfect gift for that birthday, wedding, housewarming, graduation, thank you, or staff appreciation, O’Dollars are perfect and can be purchased year-round at Scholten’s Oromocto and the Oromocto Galleria.


What do O’Dollars look like?

O’Dollars look like actual dollars and will have an OACC Seal affixed to each dollar.  O’Dollars come in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50.


How will I know which business accepts O’Dollars?

Each participating business will be provided with a decal for their door and an information card that they will place at or near the cash.  Participating businesses will be listed on the OACC website and OACC Facebook page.


Will there ever by an O’Dollars “sale”?

For the month of July 2021, the OACC will be offering a 20% off sale for each dollar purchased:

$5.00 worth of O’Dollars will cost you $4.00.

$10.00 worth of O’Dollars will cost you $8.00.

$20.00 worth of O’Dollars will cost you $16.00.

$50.00 worth of O’Dollars will cost you $40.00.

$100.00 worth of O’Dollars will cost you $80.00.

The OACC hopes to offer an O’Dollar sale at different times during the year.

Participating Businesses

O'Dollars can be reimbursed at the following Oromocto businesses:

Admiral Glass Ltd.

Brunswick News

Canadian Tire Oromocto

Carl G Wargaming Inc.

CB Warren's Auto Care

Cheese Curds/Habaneros Oromocto

Days Inn Oromocto

John Stella Flooring Inc.

Jungle Jim’s

Liberty Tax

McDonald's Oromocto

Mingler's Restaurant & Pub

Napa Oromocto/TCW Auto & Industrial Supply Ltd.

Oromocto & Area SPCA

Oromocto Food & Clothing Bank

Oromocto Galleria

Phil’s Auto & Recreation

Pizza Delight Oromocto

Pizza Twice Oromocto

Riverside Pharmacy Ltd.

Roblynn Home Hardware

Scholtens Oromocto Ltd.

Shopper’s Drug Mart

Sobeys Oromocto

Sunbury Towing Ltd.

Tim Horton's Gateway

Vogue Optical Oromocto

Wilson's Fuel-Gateway Esso

Wonder Auto Center Oromocto


The Oromocto Business Beautification Award aims to encourage local commercial businesses to beautify and maintain their storefronts and surrounding property.   An attractive storefront not only promotes a positive image of your business, but also appeals to prospective and current customers. By maintaining your property on a regular basis, you encourage neighbouring businesses to follow suit and beautify their storefronts as well.

During the 2021 year, participating businesses will have a chance to win the $2500 Oromocto Business Beautification Award selected by representatives from the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Oromocto.


Please register your business by 30 June 2021 with the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce to participate in the award program. All participating businesses will be highlighted on the Town and/or the Chamber’s social media and website. Upon completion submit a one-page description of the project, including before and after photos by 30 October 2021.  Beautifying your business can be quick and easy. Here are a few simple ways to participate:

  • SWEEP storefronts, walkways and surrounding areas
  • CLEAN WINDOWS, and hang a welcome sign
  • Clean or update OUTDOOR SIGNAGE
  • PLACE FLOWERPOTS or hanging planters
  • RE-PAINT fencing, bollards and parking lot lines
  • PRESSURE WASH sidings, outside furnishings and walkways
  • PICK UP LITTER, and other debris around your property
  • LANDSCAPE your property
  • Provide proper BINS FOR TRASH, recycling and cigarette butts.
  • Plant low maintenance SHRUBS, GREENERY and flower beds.


  • 1 The registrant is an Oromocto business that has taken great pride and ownership of their community corporate image.
  • 2 The business has made improvements and/or beautification to their buildings, gardens, curbside, etc.
  • 3 Any business that is well-maintained and has made improvements to their property is eligible.
  • 4 The business does not have to be a member of the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce to register.
  • 5 The business must be located within the Town of Oromocto.
  • 6 The project must be completed BY 30 OCTOBER 2021.

Form information and link can be found at:  Oromocto Business Beautification Award

OACC Scholarship

Designed to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in students at Oromocto High School (OHS) and recognize deserving individuals,  the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) awards an annual scholarship in the amount of $1000 to one outstanding graduating OHS student.  Students must currently be in their grade 12 year and planning to graduate.  Judging is based on a combination of factors, including financial need, student leadership, community involvement and academic ability.  In addition, the winning student will receive official recognition at the OACC’s Business Awards Dinner which is held each February.

Scholarship Application

The deadline for applications is May 31 of each year.


Due to COVID concerns, the 2021 Business and Community Awards will be deferred to a future date.  Stay tuned for updates!

Each year, the Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) is pleased to offer two awards which recognize significant contributions to the Oromocto area.  The award winners are recognized at the annual Business Awards Dinner each February.   The two awards are:

  • Business Excellence (Company or Person) – The business must have been active for two years minimum.
  • Community Leadership (Company or Person) – Nominees are required to have lived in or contributed to the Town of Oromocto for a minimum period of two years.

The OACC will judge the nominees on the criteria listed below; however, welcomes other identified attributes which you believe make the business or community member stand out above others.  All nominations will be considered.

Criteria for Nominees to include:

  • 1 Significant business accomplishments
  • 2 Involvement in the local community and/or local charities
  • 3 Contribution and support to local business(es)
  • 4 Environmentally conscious

If you know a deserving business or community member for our 2021 Award, please complete the Business & Community Award Nomination Form and email to oromoctochamber@nb.aibn.com



Marty Forsythe

Marty Forsythe


Business: Sun Life
Phone: (506) 476-3654
Website: Sun Life


Chris Warren

Vice President

Business: CB Warren’s Auto Care
Phone: (506)-357-2228
Website: Warrens Auto Care

Kim Munn-Smith

Kim Munn-Smith

Past President

Business: The Oromocto Galleria
Phone:  (506) 461-8352
Website: Oromocto Galleria



Business: Scotiabank
Website: Scotiabank

Chelsea Dale

Chelsea Dale


Business: Exit Realty
Phone:  (506) 262-4357
Webiste: Chelsea Dale Realty

tanyahansonrocca (002)

Tanya Hanson-Rocca


Business: Roblynn Home Hardware
Phone:  (506) 446-6824
Website: Roblynn Home Hardware


Bill Hickey


Business: Pizza Twice
Phone:  (506) 446-9111
Website: Pizza Twice

Tanya Quesnelle

Tanya Quesnelle


Business: Brunswick News
Phone:  (506) 478-8017
Email: quesnelle.tanya@brunswicknews.com


Betty Yorke


Business: Tim Horton’s Gateway
Phone:  506-357-7603
Website: Tim Hortons Gateway

Lorraine Dawe

Lorraine Dawe

Town Liaison

Business: Deputy Mayor, Ward 1
Councillor, Ward
Email: dawe@oromocto.ca


Megan Beauchamp

Director / MRFC Rep

Business: Military Family Resource Centre
Phone: (506) 422-7675



056166 NB Ltd.

Phone: (506) 454-6425
Gary Llewllyn

Admiral Glass

Phone: (506) 446-6121
Email: admiralglassmirror@rogers.com
Contact: Brian Wood / www.admiralglass.ca

Bettle Law Office

Phone: (506) 357-3334
Email: kbettle@bettlelaw.ca
Contact: Kenneth Bettle

Business Dev. Bank of Canada

Phone: (506) 452-4275

Brunswick News

Phone: (506) 478-8017
Contact: Tanya Quesnelle

Carl G Wargaming Inc.

Phone: (587) 281-2144
Website: https://carl-g-wargaming-inc.myshopify.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Carl-G-Wargaming-315357566010998
Contact: Steve White
We provide a place to buy the games you want, the staff to help you learn how to play them, the social network to help you find others to play them with, and the location to play them.

CB Warren’s Auto Care

Phone: (506) 357-2228

CBDC Southwest

Phone: (506) 452-2747

CD Anderson Insurance

Phone: (506) 357-3356
Email: cda@cdandersoninsuranceltd.com
Contact: Blake Anderson

Cheese Curds/Habaneros

Rick Kirkpatrick
(506) 650-0113
Rick Kirkpatrick
Quick service restaurant serving gourmet burgers, poutine, seafood & Mexican fusion.

Chelsea Dale Realtor

Phone: (506) 262-4357
Chelsea Dale

Cloud5 Communications

Phone: (507) 357-4643
Email: laura.seymour@cloud5.com
Contact: Laura Seymour

Color Trends

Phone: (506) 206-7575
Email: info@colortrends.ca
Website: colortrends.ca
Contact: Desmond Griffiths
Professional Painters

Covey Basics

Phone: (506) 458-8333
Email: cs@coveybasics.com
Contact: Stuart Blair

Crime Stoppers

Phone: (506) 357-9604
Email: paulgallinger19@gmail.com
Contact: Paul Gallinger

Daye Kelly & Associates

Phone: (506) 458-8620
Email: lforbes@dayekelly.com
Website: www.dayekelly.com<
Contact: Louella Forbes, Practice Manager
Full service Charterer Professional Accounting Firm

Days Inn Oromocto

Phone: (506) 357-5657
Email: hotel@daysinnoromocto.com


Dr. T. McCarthy & Dr. M. Soicher

Phone: (506) 357-3392
Email: oromoctovision@nb.aibn.com
Contact: Dr. M. Soicher

Dr. Brian Reid

Phone: (506) 357-9296
Contact: Dr. Brian Reid

DSL Investments Inc.

Phone: (506) 363-3730
Angela Manning

Ecstatic Nail Studio

Phone: (506) 999-2099
Evgenia Strelkov

Fitchco Enterprises Inc.


Phone: (506) 357-3304
Email: garry.fitch@ct309.com
Canadian Tire

Foreman SMBD Consulting


Phone:  (506) 444-1220
Marty Foreman

Fredericton International Airport Authority

Phone: (506) 460-0920
Email: gallant@frederictonairport.ca
Contact: Joanne Gallan

Gardiner Realty

Phone: (506) 458-9999
Email: lincolnt@gardiner.nb.ca
Contact: Lincoln Thompson

H.B. Barton Trucking Ltd.

Phone: (506) 339-5454
Email: hbbarton@nb.aibn.com

Ignite Fredericton/Planet Hatch

Phone: (506) 444-4686 / (506) 453-7150
Email: info@ignitefredericton.com
Website:  www.ignitefedericton.com / www.planethatch.com
Contact: Larry Shaw, Jamie Benoit, Sarah Covey-Hollohan, Book Sadprasid, Eric Douglass
We provides services for economic and population growth, development of globally competitive entrepreneurs and startups, business startups, entrepreneurship centre, programming, and workforce development.

JD’s Hillview Auto Repair

Phone: (506) 472-1217
Jeremy Douthwright

John Stella Flooring Inc.

Phone: (506) 470-2739
Email: carpetkick@gmail.com
Contact: John Stella

Jungle Jim’s Oromocto

Phone: (506) 461-1284
Email: oromocto@nb.aibn.com
Website: www.junglejims.ca
Contact: Lesley Hall
A fun family-oriented restaurant! Swing on in!

Kimbill’s Inc. (Pizza Twice)

Phone: (506) 446-9111
Bill Kimball

Ledoux Mechanical Ltd.

Phone: (506) 357-7510
Email: lm@ledoux.ltd

Liberty Tax

Phone: 506-357-3130
Email: glenismahaney@libertytax.com
Contact: Glenis Mahaney and Jim Reid

Lucien Coulombe Ltd.

Phone: (506) 643-0325
Email: lcl.nbnet@gmail.com
Contact: Roger Coulombe
For hire trucking in Canada and New England States

McAdams Funeral Home

Phone: (506) 458-9170
Email: oromocto@mcadamsfh.com

McDonald’s Restaurant Oromocto

Phone: (506) 476-6788
Email: ashley.wager01@post.mcdonalds.ca             gary.wager01@post.mcdonalds.ca
Facebook: @mcd_oromocto
Instagram: @mcd_oromocto
Contact: Gary Wager

Military Family Resource Centre

Phone: (506) 422-3352
Email: mfrc@gmail.com

Minglers Restaurant & Catering

Phone #: (506)-446-5020
Website: www.minglerscatering.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com / Minglers-Catering-170323736326807
Contact:  Roch Larivee
Serving the community for over 35 years with full Class 5 food service. Our reputation for exceptional catering, serving southern New Brunswick. Proudly serving those that serve our great country within our pub, restaurant and take-out.  

Napa Oromocto/TCW Auto

Phone: (506) 357-8883
Website: www.papacanada.com
Contact: Troy Howe
We are a locally owned auto parts and industrial supply store.

Neil Squire Society

Phone: (506) 451-7870

Neurology Health

Phone: (506) 447-4226

OMISTA Credit Union

Phone: (506) 357-0120
Website: www.omista.com
Facebook: @OMISTACU
Contact: Nancy Messer
OMISTA offers complete banking for people who want to bank local while making the place they live even better. OMISTA Credit Union exists to provide A Better Way To Bank – one that operates with the best interests of our customers and community in mind.

Oromocto & Area SPCA

Phone: (506) 446-4107
Tracy Marcotullio

Oromocto Food & Clothing Bank

Phone: (506) 357-3461
Contact: Jane Buckley

Oromocto Galleria

Phone: (506) 461-9352
Contact: Kim Smith

Oromocto Physio Centre

Phone: (506) 446-9436
Stan Brown

Oromocto Training & Employment Center

Phone: (506) 357-3397
Lorrie Mitchell
OTEC offers adults with an intellectual disability employment training as well as Work Essential Skills
to assist individuals in becoming independent working members of their Community.

Phil’s Auto & Recreation

Phone: (506) 446-6135

Philson Ltd.

Phone: (506) 455-9810

Pizza Delight

Phone: (506) 222-8881

RBC Royal Bank

Phone: (506) 446-3060

Regent Mall Shopping Center

Phone: (506) 462-0350
Website: www.regentmall.com
Facebook: RegentMallNB
Twitter: @RegentMall_NB
Instagram: @RegentMallNB
Contact: Myrna Brideau
Experience.  More. 

Riverside Pharmacy Ltd.

Phone: (506) 357-3302
 Gerrard Gilbert

Roblynn Home Hardware

Phone: (506) 446-6824
 Tanya Hansen

Rowan’s Greenhouses

Phone: (506) 450-4197
 David Rowan

Scholten’s Oromocto Ltd.

Phone: (506) 459-4643
Email: scholtensho@gmail.com
Contact: Chris Scholten


Phone: (506) 446-4230 Ext 4000
 Tim Daley

Shoppers Drug Mart

Phone: (506) 357-8435
Brett Jackson, Pharmacist Owner

Sobeys Oromocto

Phone: (506) 446-5030
Kevin MacLean

Sun Life Financial

Phone: (506) 357-8673
 Marty Forsythe

Sunbury Towing (2010) Ltd.

Phone: (506) 357-1010
Bruno Theriault

Swift Current Enterprises/Hanson Art Gallery

Phone: (506) 357-8888
 Robin Hanson

The Prism


Phone: (506) 452-1035

The Real Estate Board of Fredericton

Phone: (506) 458-8163
Sharon Watts

Tim Horton’s Gateway

Phone: (506) 357-7603
Email: byorke62@hotmail.com
Contact: Betty Yorke

Town of Oromocto

Phone: (506) 357-4428
Gillian Mersereau

United Way Centraide (Central NB) Inc.

Phone: (506) 459-7773, Ext 203
Website: unitedwaycentral.com
Facebook: UWCentralNB
Contact: Pam Brown
For almost 60 years, United Way has worked to improve communities in Central New Brunswick. We create long-term, sustainable change. To do so we focus on moving people from poverty to possibility, creating strong and healthy communities, and help kids be all that they can be.

Vogue Optical

Phone: (506) 446-9729
Email: vogue73@vogueoptical.com
Contact: Jane Alchorn

Wainwright Contracting Ltd.

Phone: 506-339-6454
 Wendy Bishop / Newton Wainwright

WK Webb & Associates

Phone: (506) 458-1812
Email: associates@wkwebb.ca

Wilson’s Fuel (Gateway Esso)

Phone: (506) 471-7137
Contact: Lee Ann Donovan

Women in Business Network

Phone: (506) 452-3918

Wonder Auto Center

Phone: (506) 446-5122
 Chris Woods

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